There can only be "ONE" winner

 "When you  wear Andreas Salver, It's the way it makes you feel!". This is the principal Andreas Salver depicts alongside his staff that shares the same passion to create jewelery with feeling.

"any Jeweler can make jewelery, but not many jewelers can make jewelery well" few can support to boast with the trail of awards proving it.


Assisted with computer aided CAD designs & state the art equipment even square holes or any shape for that matter is limitless, placing these craftsmen on an entire different level above the rest. Manufacturing more jewelery in less time with the same detail trails a history where jewelery were made "the good old fashion way".


Andreas's passion for unique detail lead to the birth of "TORQTAG'S"

a creation away from aesthetic jewelery Unlike anything else.


SA born Andreas apprenticed with his father Alan Mair, immediately after military service. following training under an Austrian master goldsmith who was a model maker for a large company, with extreme talent he went on to work for his mother, to create specialized pieces for a very affluent clientele. In September of 1992 Andreas established his presence in the back of a retail store, doing all their repairs and make ups. Soon realizing this wouldn't satisfy his feisty appetite, Andreas designed a small range of very well made pieces of fine jewelery. Approaching a few retail stores with "try me" as his motto. Rapid growth demanded extra hands from this success.


Seven years passed delivering five young and passionate craftsmen above the rest, now bursting from the seems to expand more leading to the birth of Andreas Salver's workshop in the Coachman's crossing, Petter place rd. in Lyme Park. Extensive ranges and new ones on route evokes excitement in clientele hungry to see what the workshop will create next


"visit Andreas Manufacturing Jewelers to discover the magic of the "feeling".

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