man warrior True Warriors When true warriors existed centuries ago, they lived on horses and fought with crude weaponry. Shields… helmets… swords, arrows and spears. Dressed in hardened leather skins and focused minds of stone as steel these brave hearts indestructible. They thought nothing of injury or even death, not even for a second. Their minds and their hearts connected in unison oozed courage and tenacity. They go to battle wrapped in steel and fight only for one thing, the bravery in their hearts. Still In Battle Hundreds of years later we still carry these characteristics of the man warrior in our brave hearts and we have evolved for the beatings and savagery of our fellow man (not everyone). Now these battles are no longer physical and on the outside, now these battles are deep inside every one of us. These battles don’t break down our bones and dismember our bodies but they sure can make our hearts bleed. These are courageous battles that we have to fight for mere existence of being. Sometimes the courage of battle is so huge we can only fight for ourselves and not for other. We become so passionate about conquering our hills and we endure energies into quests, that some may even die honoring what we believed was right. Man Warrior Man warrior is about these battles and when we wear man warrior it’s not going to be about how we died. It’s going to be about how we lived.

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